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The Best in Sex Fiction

Frisky Fiction is your ultimate webmaster source for high quality erotic fiction.

  • Published, professional writers to give you and your members the best in quality
  • Highest standards for creativity and originality, grammar and technical expertise
  • Top notch product available at bargain rates

Add our erotic fiction feed to your member section today!
By signing on to our service, you can add our erotic fiction feed as a site in your members section:
       – gives your valued members one new erotic story every week
       – stories are only featured in members sections, keeping the value of our stories high
       – immediate access to all our archived stories for your members

Price for pay site members section feed: just $50/month for four (4) 1500+ word stories (one per week)

Click here to read a sample story

For about the cost of just a couple of rebills, you can have our professional, reliable, high-quality feed added to your members area! If just a few of your members stay on because of our sex fiction, you’ve made a profit. Sexy stories have been written for centuries, and aren't going anywhere. Don't send your surfers elsewhere to find their fiction – BUY your Frisky Fiction feed today.


Custom Fiction:
Another option for webmasters is our custom erotic fiction. Get your choice of story length, characters, and subject, custom-written and attuned to the needs of your web site. We can cover just about any legal niche or fetish you could need.* That fiction will never be re-sold by Frisky Fiction. It becomes your exclusive content, exactly in the line of interest of your members, yours to use however you like.**

Prices for exclusive, custom fiction:

Only $75 for each 1500+ word story

We also offer bulk pricing deals. Please contact us for details.


Other Benefits:
In addition, as a Frisky Fiction client, we will link to your page from our client list page. We want to help traffic finds its way to the stories you’ve purchased.

Also, Frisky Fiction offers a webmaster referral program, whereby for every paying client you refer to our site, you get 10% off your monthly rate, good for as long as you’re a subscriber, even if they cancel. By getting additional discounts off our already reasonable rates, you can’t lose.

To use our services, please fill in the form at the buy page, or contact us either by:

emailing friskyfiction (-at-), with BUY entered in the “subject” field

or ICQ: Cassie - #382-655-283


*We will not write about incest, bestiality, or non-consensual sex.

*While the custom erotic fiction will be forever exclusive to your web site, Frisky Fiction retains legal ownership of the stories and as such you may not re-sell them.